Phoren Waste Indian Use

Many Chennaites like me are wonder struck by Mosquito Bat – alas a way to take revenge on Madras Mosquitoes. This bat is now a common house hold item. Unfortunately, their life is very short, in many case just few days. Though the bat idea is fine, the quality of the product leaves lot to be desired.

In a year or two I am sure every house in Chennai should have half-a-dozen at least. What to do with them?

For the past two years I have decent sized roof garden producing vegetables. One important work is to remove small stones from the soil you are going to place in the pot/plastic bag. It is eaiser said in Tamil சல்லித்து கற்களை எடுக்க வேண்டும்.

The bat makes my job easier. Look at the following snaps





Here is filtered stones.


and fine soil



3 Responses to Phoren Waste Indian Use

  1. rajasuperman says:

    Nice use for the bats 🙂 Btw, I have two of the very same ones, and it’s lasted me 18 months already and still working great. I handle them with care!

    • ramanchennai says:

      I agree handling is important, unfortunately some times too many people handle. Many of them are crap they just die in few days.

  2. Aanjhan says:

    Hahaha. Very very nice! 🙂

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