Say no to GM foods

I find similarity between proprietary software and GM plants controlled by few companies. I feel we should avoid GM food forsame reasons we avoid proprietary software apart from health.  When I get time I wish to write a detailed post. For the time just say NO to Bt brinjal  and say jai jai to nattu kathirikkai.


One Response to Say no to GM foods

  1. Rajasekaran Palanisamy says:

    I disagree with your point on GM and I wish I could write more about this but I want to know more about you.

    I appreciate your writings, I just stumbled upon your site when I was searching for the millets, that time I thought you and me have same opinions so I book marked your blog website. This is my second visit after a long gap.

    I have vey similar interests that it is history, temples, gardening (of course, I am a plant scientist but not very successful to the level I would like to!). We can discuss more about GM crops if you like. It is a very intersting blog I appreciate your time.

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