Monsoon Morning Visitors

This year suburban Chennai experienced one of the worst drought years. Chitlapakkam is where wells never go dry. But this year they went and almost every house drilled the earth upto 150 feet in search of water. Many failed. The fact is – water is available between 20 – 40 feet only. No point in drilling beyond, especially if you are struck in a rock. The problem aggravated by 15 days delayed monsoon. But once it arrived, the 4 days of rain was copious and brought welcome change. All the plants glow now. Last Sunday morning it was bright sunshine playing hide and seek with clouds.

The weather triggered a flurry of activity among fauna in my street. Here are some of the Sunday morning visitors






2 Responses to Monsoon Morning Visitors

  1. ravi jaya says:

    Bore well, The worst enemy to the eco-system, Please should realize the fact, that bore-wells is key reason for the descending of the ground water table level. If we are going exploit the ground water we are gonna pay for it in mere future.

  2. bala says:

    Nice Photos…

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