xtrlock – a minimal X display lock tool

xtrlock is a simple tool to lock your desktop.

Most common way to lock our desktop is to use a screensaver based locking, where a screensaver (may be blank) will run and prompt for password when keyboard or mouse is activated.While  desktop is locked, no window will be visible.

What distinguishes xtrlock is its simplicity. With xtrlock the screen is simply locked, all windows that were visible will still be viewable. Only a small lock icon will be displayed. This is handy in many situations.e.g Often while trouble shooting network lines in my centre I wil be inside a bunch of cables away from monitor. I wish ping/netstat runs and someone tells me the status while I am attending.  Normally we need to leave the session unlocked for this – which is not desirable. However, with xtrlock the ping/netstat output is continuously on display, still the screen is locked. Anybody  can view the output.

On the downside following features are not implemented – timeouts, mouse cursors, locking of devices other than keyboard and mouse.

Here is a screenshot


6 Responses to xtrlock – a minimal X display lock tool

  1. S A G, Arun says:

    I just built this program It is unmaintained and does not work in fedora. After Building it it says “password entry has no passwd”. Looking at the source code it uses very old method of authenticating users. It should use PAM instead.

    Any way to make this software work?

    • ramanchennai says:

      This package is really very old and rather unmaintained. It has problem with nis authentication also. I think it is a good project for students to take up – make it use PAM.

  2. Kit Gerrits says:

    More recent versions of xtrlock support Shadow passwords, which should get things working again.
    You need to manually add -DSHADOW_PWD to the make line

  3. Leo Marloe E. Dicang says:

    hi, ask somethin’ how can i create a shortcut key to activate xtrlock, any message is much appreciated. thanks in advance.

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