English Language Media in India, time to Free and Open Source It

The English Language Media(ELM) has a preset agenda – make money by twisting facts, acting as agents/brokers etc., This has been exposed by Radia Tapes. With Barkha Dutt and Vir Sanghvi in the lead, they, in my opinion, are out to destroy this nation.  Handful of these self-appointed protectors of modern India will totally destroy the values, cultures that this nation stood for. For them anything from our tradition is a bane. Thanks to Neera Radia, today they are exposed.

They are manipulators of opinion as could be seen from the conversation Vir Singhvi had with Neera Radia. One more lie by the ELM is exposed. Going through the following link let’s us know to what extent they can stoop low. It is high time all patriotic citizens mount campaign against ELM.


Really right name – dalalmedia – for ELM in India.


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