Unkal Chandramouleshwara Temple – Hubli

Recently I visited Hubli, Karnataka. Unkal is few kilometers from Hubli city. It has a beautiful Shri Chandramouleshwara temple built about 900 years ago. It is an ASI protected (?) monument.

There are houses on all sides of the temple. We have to enter the temple through a narrow lane. The surroundings hide the beautiful temple from the eyes of world.

The temple lacks the gopura. The Local tradition states that the temple was built in one night( kal). The sthapati could not finish it before day-break and stopped further construction.

Whatever the truth may be, it is a beautiful temple. The temple is on an elevated place. The walls  are about 20-25 feet high. First 15 feet is done using red stones and top done using green stones. This gives temple a rare and beautiful look. Unfortunately I visited it in the evening around 6pm  on a cloudy day. So the pictures are not very good.

The main deity is housed  at the centre with entrance on all four sides. There is a smaller sanctorum which has another shiva linga – with four faces.

The temple is replete with artistics carvings throughtout. But most of them are designs than images of divine personalities,human or animals.

A circular path around the main deity help us to do a  pradakshanam inside the main prakara with exit on all four sides. The pillars inside are all exquistely carved in typical chalukian style.
As we come around the temple we can see the walls full of beautiful designs. Here is some snaps.

Lane leading to Unkal Temple

A look from the Entrance Steps

View of the Main Enterance

A beautiful window

Nandi - Note the beautiful knots

Gajalakshmi at the entrance

Another beautiful windowSame window with flash off

Outer wall

Images on the wall

Image on the wall

View from one side - Note the contrasting colours of top layer

A closer look of the base

Different designs on the wall

An unfinished panel

View from the main enterance


One Response to Unkal Chandramouleshwara Temple – Hubli

  1. could this be built by the Calukyas of Kalyani? Photo #14 has curls that are featured in Ittagi also, which is a later Calukyan temple.

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