Nedungunam – Yoga Ramar Temple

Recently I had a chance to visit Sethupattu (Chetpet) in Vandavasi-Polur belt. I had time for only one temple visit. I chose to visit Nedungunam where a rare temple of Rama is located.   How did I know about this temple ?  Whenever I am visiting any place I normally go through this excellent blog – Raju’s Temples Visits to know about nearby temples. The details of Nedungunam temple can be seen here.

The temple is magnificent with two gopuras. It should be Vijayanagar or Post Vijaynagar period one, I am not very sure. When I visited around (5pm) it was empty. The Sanctum Sanctorum was closed. Fortunately the main deity can be seen through the grill door.s It is really rare with Rama sitting in meditative posture. Here are some pictures

View from road


2 Responses to Nedungunam – Yoga Ramar Temple

  1. Vijayanagara Dynasty? Just guessing.

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