Epigraphy Study -Field Visit Around Senji-IV – Thondur

The fourth place we visited was Thondur. It is about 20 km from Senji(Gingee). A beautiful Vishnu belonging to Pallava period most likely Mahendra Varma period is engraved on piece of rock amidst groundnut fields. There is an arch like structure in front with Chola period inscription.  The rock is more like a curved wall apt to be backdrop of a stage. The very thought of creating this Vishnu, in my opinion is itself show the artistic mind of Pallavas. The sculpture isn’t perfect but clearly shows the early learning phase of sculpting in hard rock. Vishnu is lying on his left and facing West.

While returning the villagers said there is an inscription in the village and took us there. This is on piece of rock  amidst houses. It is about 10 feet high from ground level and hence very difficult to read. We were too tired to seriously study. It belongs to Nandivarma Pallava.

After this we visited Seeyamangalam and returned home.

On way to Thondur Vishnu

On way to Thondur Vishnu


A Closer Look

A Closer Look





Following villagers to see the inscription

Following villager to see the inscription

Pallava Inscription on a rock

Pallava Inscription on a rock

Houses around the inscription

Houses around the inscription





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