I am a resident of Chennai, India,working in Indian Railways. I have interest in Free Open Source Software(FOSS), history,gardening etc.


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  1. sathish says:

    I have Interest in free open source software

  2. sathish says:

    i need for backup rsync open source software

  3. Girish says:


    I like your blog a lot. I think I went thro’ every entry except the Tamil ones as it takes a little long to read.

    Nice stuff. Keep going.


    • ramanchennai says:

      Thanks Girish. Do you think the tamil pages are not simple – should I do something about it? If yes please suggest ways to improve it.

  4. kiran says:

    hi friend am kiran i finished my mca ….just searching a good job in I.T please tell can i participate in ILUG meeting to know the awareness of the linux ..i want to do the course LAMP linux, apache, mysql , and php

    please tell the details friend

    • ramanchennai says:

      Look at ilugc.in for ILUGC activities. You can join mailing list. Meetings will be normally on 2nd Saturday at IIT. Watch details in the mailing list. There is no formality to join this group. Everybody is welcome.

  5. Jadu Saikia says:

    Nice blog. If you are interested in UNIX command line, you might find this useful http://unstableme.blogspot.com/ (bash scripting blog)

  6. kiran says:

    hi to all

    when will the FOSS programme conducted for beginners and where can any one tell please ?

    please mail to : kiranpulsar2007@gmail.com

  7. Shoba Lakshmanan says:

    Valuable information about millets, I have always been wondering about them.
    Looking forward towards your research on them and our traditional tamil foods.

    Houston, Texas

    • ramanchennai says:

      Thanks for visiting my blog. For research and marketing the restore.org.in volunteers have done a tremendous job. I am trying to do my bit by talking about millets wherever possible.

  8. Shoba Lakshmanan says:

    I will be visiting Chennai at 17th February on transit, hope to visit the reStore you mentioned in the blog.

  9. Selvi says:

    even i got awareness about millets on seeing makkal tv kaimanam program. but the pocketed millets bought from stroes looks polished like rice. are they look so since it is processed through machines ? will the polished millets have good nutrition value ?

    • ramanchennai says:

      Most of them processed through machines. Unlike rice, these are whole grain, so I feel loss should be very minimal, however I am no expert. At restore you can get hand pounded varagu also. In any case millets like ragi should loose nothing.

  10. Selvi says:

    It wud be great if makkal tv creates a blog for kaimanam program. i sent a mail to you tube kaimanam videos, no response.

  11. injamaven says:

    can I get your blog in English?

  12. Chennaitian says:

    Nice blogs.. I am interested in history too.. Check my blogs @ http://chennaitian.blogspot.com/

  13. Rajaram says:

    Hi Mr.Raman. This is Rajaram from Angel college of Engineering and Technology, Tirupur. Today I visited your webblog, A lot of ideas I got from your blogs. Stunning work. Is good to see your gardening updated effect for each day. I like your own quotations which are found in ur articles. I have great pleasure to visit Sugreeswarar Temple, S.Periyapalayam, Tirupur along with You. Hope I will wait to see ur articles about the Sugreeswarar Temple. Thanx for everything.

  14. Dear Raman
    Greetings !
    Excellent postings on tamil heritage with suitable images.
    I am interested in making a time line for tamil heritage along with other major civilizations in the world.
    Also interested in heritage tour. like, i wanted to visit “Kal maram” , “oldest tamil script” , “dinosaurs egg” etc…
    I wanted to have a clear cut map using google map.
    kindly help me to make it

    my best wishes for your work

  15. Naveenkumar.A says:

    Myself Naveenkumar.A from angel college of engineering & technology,tripur pursuing M.E(CSE).i’m in need of deaps program in perl language. Can you guide me for that.

  16. Bharathiraja says:

    Dear Ram,
    my self bharathiraja..i wanna know about script language like perl,python,js and all..can you guide me ? can you post nice link or nice tutorial ? i am not aware of this..could you tell me the features and realtime example so that i can easily understand .

  17. drpartha says:

    I am a retired teacher from Secunderabad. FOSS fanatic and gardening amateur. I am coming to Chennai for a short trip in end April. I want to see your roof garden. Can I come ? Where do you live ?

    Contact me on drpartha AT gmail DOT com

  18. drpartha says:

    Contact me on drpartha AT gmail DOT com



  19. Do you know on another website focused on opensource by your colleague

  20. Do you know on another website focused on opensource by your colleague


  21. sujatha says:

    I like your blog. Great work 🙂

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