When vegetable prices go through the roof – grow vegetables on the roof

January 2, 2011

I maintain a small roof garden exclusively for growing vegetables. Their value increases day by day, thanks the Manmohanji. Margazhi (Dhanur) and Thai months i.e roughly from Dec 16 to Feb 15, are particularly good period for the garden. All plants will have new and fresh look. Some photographs of harvest between 26 Dec 2010 and 2 Jan 2011

1.26th Dec 2010 Mullangi (முள்ளங்கி) – White Radish and Keerai (கீரை) (Greens). Keerai is mixture of varieties like சிறு (siru), மூளை (mulakeerai), பாலக் (palak) etc.

2.30th Dec 2010 Mullangi, வெண்டை – Vendai (ladies finger) and கத்தரி (Kathri) (brinjal)

3.2 Jan 2010 புதிணா (Pudhina) and கீரை (Keerai)